Thank you for always giving us your patronage.
We always keep it in mind to bring out the maximum flavor of seasonal ingredients, Awa-ingredients, with the full knowledge, and make the customer enjoy the powerful and delicate cuisine. You can find one of the best dishes which consist of various components in a fine balance in Hamagiku. Please appreciate the technique and mind of Hamagiku chefs.
The owner

We would like you to touch our spirit of hospitality while enjoying the uncommon cuisine in Hamagiku where time passed very slowly. We are looking forward to you visiting Hamagiku.

Hamagiku course
 ・6000円、8000円、10000円、12000円( reservation is required)

A seasonal hot pot ( reservation is required) 8,000 yen
 ・A sukiyaki hotpot of sea eel
 ・A shabushabu hotpot of sea eel
 ※Appetizer, Otsukuri, Flame-broiled food, A hotpot of a pike conger, Rice porridge or Udon

Various hotpot courses per 8,000 yen
 ・A hotpot course of sea eel and Awa-chicken (a seasonal hotpot)
 ・A hotpot course of sea bream and Awa-chicken (reservation is required)
 ・A hotpot course of salmon and Awa-chicken (reservation is required)
 ※Appetizer, Otsukuri, Flame-broiled food
 ※A hot pot in each courses, Rice porridge or Udon, Desert



address:徳島県徳島市籠屋町2丁目15−2(10 minutes walk from Tokushima Station)

濱喜久 (はまぎく〕
business hours:18:30~23:00
days closed:Sunday